NuVentures Services

We believe in the capacity and ability of Satoshi's Blockchain to change RADICALLY Humanity's decision making process. In fact, not only is it a new data structure, it is also a new thought form.

"Satoshi blockchain is about DECIDING by taking the global consensus of all nodes deployed in a flat topology; this ends the pyramidal coercion" -crypto_coiner
"If you don't leverage the blockchain to provide a tool for people to decide more efficiently/smoothly/securely/quickly, then it's a waste of time" -crypto_coiner

For us, there are 3 types of cryptos:
- crypto-commodities: e.g. BTC/LTC/PPC etc..
- crypto-currencies: e.g. Nubits
- crypto-corporation: e.g. peershares-based DACs
We specialize in Peershares/NuShares DAC investment, with a long term perspective.

What is a DAC? a human organization whose ingenuity, is empowered by the blockchain based incorruptible ability of decision making.

If the human organization aka DAC does effectively a service, that brings revenue, AND if the shares of that DAC are limited (the total amount is restricted and cannot be inflated), then we have the recipe for a market value, a demand (or a market cap)  necessary going up.

We invest in extremely early stage, in very large quantity, in extremely high quality services and products, whose business model looks very sound and profitable. In general, that means dividend generation.
We invest in the highest-potential Peershares-based ventures who are committed to building a distributed, decentralized, non-pyramidal future. As long as your business is non-pyramidally structured (i.e. holographically blockchain based), we want to hear why it is ready to transform our world in a non-pyramidal way.
We are excited about the financial industry, (free) energy, transportation, new media, virtual and augmented reality, friendly AI, and some consumer Internet.


Get in touch, and let’s build the next gigantic, topologically flat (non-pyramidal) thing together!