NuVentures team

NuVentures is based in Tokyo. It is a branch of BunkerSofa, LLC fully owned by BunkerSofa, LLC.
We are a team of seasoned investors/philosophers/remote-viewers/intellectuals/entrepreneurs who dearly care about a distributed, decentralized and non-pyramidal world.
We work with founders based on their needs. Fundamentally, we are active peershare-holders discussing online and voting for motions.



◆ Julien Hamonic

Shareholder and voting-data-feed provider for the NuBits DAC. Online alias: crypto_coiner  

Feel free to subscribe to his data feed.

Working with approximately twenty global team members in various marketing, evangelism and testing roles.

Julien has been passionate about the Blockchain since 2013,
and a respected core member of the NuBits community since 2014 posting under the online alias “crypto_coiner”.
A big believer in non-coercive economics and an advocate for non-pyramidal organizations,
Julien is a very early adopter and investor in the DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation) space. 
Based in Tokyo, he is co-founder of, the 1st recruiting hub for Blockchain companies in Japan.
Other current roles: Co-Founder at Descartes Search LLC, the most connected tech recruiting firm in Tokyo (est. 2007)
Co-Founder at BunkerSofa LLC, a Tokyo-based angel firm helping very disruptive tech startups with financing, business development, marketing and recruiting.

Entrepreneur, recruiter, startup advisor, peershare investor (NuBits and B&CExchange), mentor, evangelist, thought leader, researcher, marketer.
He has a strong foundation of Philosophy and Computer Science.
Academic background:
- MS CS (Computer Science)
- MS EE (Electrical Engineering)

When he isn't not discussing the Blockchain with his twin brother Pascal Hamonic (aka cryptog) with whom he has co-founded all his enterprises, he can usually be found on NuBits forum to which he is providing his voting data feed or outdoors enjoying the sun with his family.

He can be easily contacted at 



◆ Pascal Hideki Hamonic, commonly called "Uploada", is part of the team. You can find him also under the username of "Cryptog" when he wants to heightlight the fact that he is a NuSharesholder.

Cryptog is a member of NuShares and Bitcoin's FLOT (First Liquidity Operations Team). He also provides data feeds for Nu and data feeds for B&C Exchange. He also provided some liquidity in the past and plans to participate into ALP (automatic liquidity pools) in the near future using NuBot.

Whatever your DAOs need, we’ll find a way to provide the right support.

As VC, we are backing very positive ideas, for a very positive future. For us, Ideas can change the world very positively, if:
- they subdue the previous paradigm
Do you subscribe to and can you prove in any shape or form that you have understood this: "You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created them"
- you are open-minded to new paradigms and able to self-criticize yourself for path correction
- you have the technical execution

We excel at extracting the correct course and ideas, by pondering the right questions to detect logical flaws and remote-viewing the future in a incorruptible way.

In addition to the open-ended and non-limiting logics we have, we are gifted with pre-cognition ability.

We add investment whenever the product has achieved milestones that solidify a successful timeline and whenever the remote viewing gets substantial positive information about the chances of the product being succesful.
That signals us to buy when the market sells and sell when the market buys. We do this when we think the market is mistaken.

Our involvement with crypto-currencies and crypto-technologies dates back to 2013.
Some accomplishments:
Peercoin/Primecoin: September 2013 – August 2014
Developed a marketing/community outreach strategy with Sunny King (inventor of Peercoin and Primecoin).

Litecoin: August 2014 – December 2014
Developed a marketing/communication/business development strategy, working closely with other Litecoin stakeholders.

NuBits: Starting September 2014
Developing the community outreach of NuBits, working closely with Jordan Lee (creator of NuBits) and other main contributors/shareholders (sigmike, cryptog, mhps, crypto_coiner, masterOfDisaster, desrever, Nagalim, Cybnate, tomjoad, CoinGame, Ben, Sentinelrv etc..)