Investment Rationale

"Anyone investing in the stock of a non-dividend payer is relying entirely on the market to value its ticker symbol more in the future than now. The market is under no obligation to cooperate. There are numerous examples of companies reporting record profits only to see their stock price falter. The market can and does tank the price of dividend payers. But it can only ignore a stock that is dispensing cash like an ATM for so long.

What does this mean for Peershares-based companies? A distributed peer-to-peer network doesn't have an obvious enterprise value as Apple does. There must be nevertheless a mechanism to derive financial benefit for holders aside from the hope of selling shares for profit to a greater fool. This means access to (or eventual access to) a portion of the revenue stream. Peershares provide this with dividends, as a hard-coded basis. As an illustration, the Nu network is already providing dividends and other revenue avenues, like transaction fees."

We will have an ever increasing supply of Peershares-based DAOs, each offering its own novel business model. Each DAO can also spawn other DAOs, providing initial funding to create it.



Our Portfolio at Nuventures



Nu is the first customized Peershares implementation, to run its own pegged currency operation.
The crypto-economy first and foremost needed a stable currency as a foundation. That's why we funded Nu.
Just as the US dollar is the currency used to trade in and out of shares on the NASDAQ exchange, NuBits will be the currency used to trade in and out of shares on exchanges.



"B&C Exchange (BlockShares and BlockCredits) is the second customized Peershares implementation. Similar to Nu, B&C Exchange will be using the Peershares template to run its own decentralized exchange operation. However, while Nu was developed from the basic Peershares source code, B&C Exchange will be developed from the more extensively customized Nu source code."
B&C Exchange serves as a second demonstration of how the Peershare platform can be customized to support very diverse business models. It is also a market for trading cryptoassets like cryptocommodity (e.g. Bitcoin) and equity in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).