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About useful Proof Of Work

About the rise of Proof of Stake, we could well see the rise of what I call useful Proof of Work in 2018....

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blog   2017/12/25   uploada

The future is PoS

The rise of Proof of Stake in 2018 with Peercoin

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blog   2017/12/07   uploada

Golden Age and blockchain

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blog   2017/07/10   uploada
タグ:golden age

Proof of the Stake is the next standard?

A very short speculation on PoS being the next standard for blockchain's verification

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blog   2017/07/10   uploada

Why NuBits peg dropped and how it got fixed

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blog   2016/10/07   gbboy

The next revolution: "company over the blockchain" or "blockchained company"

About why making a company live in a blockchain is revolutionary.

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blockchain (misc.)   2016/06/03   uploada

Building companies that live on the Internet is the killer app of the blockchain technology

Building companies that live on the Internet is the killer app of the blockchain technology.

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blockchain (misc.)   2016/05/13   uploada

My predictions for 2016

Bitcoin's block reward halving, financial crisis, NuBits' liquidity and B&C decentralized exchange.

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blog   2016/01/12   uploada

CATO Institute discusses NuBits

NuBits is the only serious contender to displace Bitcoin as the number one crypto-currency

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blog   2015/12/31   uploada

NuBits: achievements after 15 months of operation [part-2]

"- A healthy core mechanism that has been established

NuBits is NOT backed by fiat reserves but by the value of the issuing "bank" like corporation Nu.

NuBits (NBT) get sold by Nu for BTC and the BTC get invested in development (increasing the value of Nu), share (NuShares; NSR) buybacks and very little in marketing and other activities.

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release   2015/12/11   gbboy

NuBits: achievements after 15 months of operation

Since inception on September, 23rd 2014 NuBits has demonstrated that it is the #1 stable cryptocurrency in the world, in terms of marketcap and transaction volume.

Definition: a stable cryptocurrency is a currency issued on the blockchain, keeping a stable value. In this case, 1NBT = 1USD

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release   2015/12/04   gbboy

NuBits and the decentralization of finance

Nu is welcoming anybody that wants to contribute to the decentralization of finance.

Nu is welcoming anybody that wants to become a shareholder of Nu, the first decentralized central bank in the world.

If you would like to become a shareholder of Nu, you will need to acquire NuShares, the assets that back the peg of NuBits to one dollar.

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blog   2015/10/12   uploada

NuShares, Bitcoin and Peercoin

About why Nu has the right economics while having a good intrinsic decentralization.

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blog   2015/10/10   uploada

About the need for synthetic FIAT currencies or FIAT-pegged crypto-currencies

Nu, the decentralized central bank that is behind NuBits, the most successful USD-pegged crypto-currency is in fact offering the world, synthetic FIAT currencies, currencies that exist in the Internet, pegged to FIAT money but over which the FEDs have no say. Such synthetic FIAT currencies cannot be illegal since they are fundamentally crypto-currencies, which are regarded as commodities by the FEDs.

And such synthetic FIAT currencies are much in need...right now!

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blog   2015/10/09   uploada
タグ:FIAT money

NuBits, the potential to be the basis for a cost API

Provided a sufficiently solidly written motion that is passed by Nushareholders, NuBits could go beyond the function of issuing a stable currency.
What about providing a cost API?

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blog   2015/10/07   gbboy

About the need of creating a SDR-pegged NuBits.

Does the fact that NuBits is currently pegged to the USD make NuBits vulnerable to the FED?

Would it be better to have a financial system backed entirely by gold (or bitcoin, its crypto counterpart?)

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blog   2015/10/07   uploada

Nu is a Decentralized Reserve Bank backing up the value of its Currency in a Decentralized and Distributed Way.

Nu has taken the model of a corp. or org. financed by shareholders , producing a service, that service being ensuring a peg for its token 1NBT = 1USD by providing buy and sell liquidity on NBT/USD/crypto markets.

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blog   2015/09/26   gbboy

Nu and B&C: Synergy between 2 Independent DAC

"The combined value of Nu and B&C Exchange is greater than a single blockchain embodying both functions. This is due to better scalability, independent release paths, greater simplicity and branding advantages."

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blog   2015/09/04   gbboy

Venture Capital with the Peershares template

We have the tools necessary to build an entire crypto-ecosystem on top of the Peershares platform in a similar fashion to other crypto 2.0 platforms.

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blog   2015/09/03   gbboy

Why we funded Nu

Having a cryptocurrency with a fixed value is so important.

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release   2015/09/02   gbboy
タグ:NuBits , Nu

Why does Nu have the right approach to distributed reserve banking?

Nu has the right approach - namely: the currency price is that of the market(s) and stability is reached when demand and supply sides are balanced, elastically so that the price is constantly maintained to its stable value.

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blog   2015/09/02   gbboy

Why we funded B&C Exchange

Blocks & Chains Decentralized Exchange is the first Decentralized & Distributed Exchange native to the Satoshi-based Blockchain, without the use of proxy assets.

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release   2015/09/02   gbboy