My predictions for 2016

Bitcoin's block reward halving, financial crisis, NuBits' liquidity and B&C decentralized exchange.

Very quickly:

- I do not believe that Bitcoin price will sky rocket despite the coming halving in July this year. Litecoin's halving last year did not have much effect on its price. Back in 2012, when Bitcoin block reward halved from 50 to 25 bitcoins, it is true that the price ramped up over the weeks that followed the halving. History might be the best indicator of future performances but it is never for sure. I feel the price of one bitcoin will not go beyond 1000 usd and will stay between 500 and 1000 usd after the halving. However I feel it will increase from its current price (around 450 usd on 12JAN16)

- The possibility of a financial global crisis is more and more probable for 2016. Negative interest rates and capital controls as well as some currency devaluations will make cryptos more relevant and more important for the average Joe.

- People will realize that the blockchain technology is not that efficient in reducing costs and improving performance. On the contrary, it would decrease performance. However, the current buzz on the blockchain will benefit crypto-currencies in general this year.

- People will realize that the real innovation brought by the blockchain tech is the ability to create decentralized organizations over the Internet with the ability to distribute shares and votes. This will be the start of the Golden Age for Peershares-like decentralized autonomous organizations, starting from NuBits .

- NuBits will gain traction and momentum with more liquidity and an even stronger peg. Startups will start using NuBits in their products and services (ex: remittances). Besides, people will start using NuBits as a way to store value in a secure digital wallet.

- The coming release of B&C Exchange, the first true decentralized exchange will help drastically NuBits get a high and secure liquidity, which is its blood.

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