Nu and B&C: Synergy between 2 Independent DAC

"The combined value of Nu and B&C Exchange is greater than a single blockchain embodying both functions. This is due to better scalability, independent release paths, greater simplicity and branding advantages."

1) Powerful synergies and mutual interests:

"There will be a powerful synergy between the Nu network and B&C Exchange, with Nu bringing liquidity to B&C and B&C lowering costs for Nu."

"B&C Exchange will be a powerful tool for significantly lowering NuBit liquidity costs because the risk of exchange default and theft will be much lower than it is with centralized exchanges.

NuShare holders will have a powerful interest in providing a great deal of NuBit liquidity on B&C because of its low cost and the broad overlap in ownership between the two networks. "


Nu will be supplying the liquidity on B&C so trades can happen sooner rather than later.
Without a stable cryptocurrency that is liquid, traders have nothing to hedge volatility. For an exchange to be a success, it needs liquidity.
BCE has a vital interest to support NBT trading pairs. If that requires free/cheap access to the blockchain for Nu to allow NBT liquidity providing it's a small enough price to pay for BCE.

 2)  There are at least two ways B&C Exchange will benefit NuShare holders.

"First, NuBits will be used as the denominator on many if not most trading pairs. The exchange will feature a BTC/NBT pair, LTC/NBT pair, PPC/NBT pair, etc. This is expected to increase the number of NuBits held, which is likely to result in dividends to NuShare holders, NuShare buy backs and burns, or both.

The second way B&C Exchange will benefit NuShare holders is by offering a NSR/NBT trading pair that will increase NuShare liquidity, which makes it a more attractive investment."


blog   2015/09/04   gbboy